The sky is the limit

zanconcept is the container for all designs and products made by Zaida Andersson.


The zanconcept story started in 1998, 20 years ago, under the name Kulturbomben. Focus then was culture projects since singing, dancing and acting was my parallel profession at the time. In the beginning of 2000 I changed my focus to graphic design and have been doing that in parallel to my other profession as People & Project Manager, Business Analyst and Technical Consultant in the IT/Software industry.


In 2017 I took the step to work with Graphic and Packaging design full time. To get up to speed on the latest development as well as deepen my skills in packaging design and construction, I started a 2-year Packaging Design Education at Brobygrafiska in Sunne/Sweden.


By being curious and constantly eager to learn new things, I have collected a broad spectrum of skills over the years. The idea with zanconcept, is for me to have a platform where I can develop and promote a wide range of my own design related products as well as offer companies help with new concepts, graphic and packaging designs, business coaching and management etc.


Time will tell what will come out of this new paradigm, but one thing is certain, I do look forward to see what the next 20 years will bring.


Arrievägen 13,

235 92  VELLINGE/Sweden

Email: zaida (at) zanconcept.se

Phone: +46 709 42 65 11


Products: zanconcept.se

Portfolio: Behance

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