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Putting the digital puzzle together by bridging
the gap between business and technology.


Do you feel that your business needs and the outcomes of your supporting system implementation projects never align as well as you expected? Do you sense that they take longer, cost more, and never truly simplify your way of working nor resolve the initial problems?

With a broad experience and diverse skill set in the digital arena, I can provide your company with a comprehensive range of services to address these challenges. Below, you will find the main services I offer.

Do you believe I can assist your company with something beyond my primary services? Let's discuss it!

I have a network of supporting consultants with whom I can partner when needed.

° Business & process analysis

Do you need help optimizing, changing, or documenting your business processes? Are you embarking on a system implementation project and need to determine how the system can support the business users?

I can assist your business in implementing effective and user-friendly digital solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity for users while increasing profitability for the company.

° Requirement gathering

The success of a system implementation depends on the quality of the requirements gathered. It relies on the level of experience within the business and the developers' ability to accurately interpret the business's wishes.

I work closely with your organization to identify key needs and objectives, ensuring a smooth and successful project execution.

° Workshop facilitation

Do you need to improve your department's way of working? Do you need to align departments in different facilities or enhance a current system setup to better correspond to the users' needs?

Starting with workshops involving stakeholders and users is a great way to gather clear requirements for subsequent enhancement projects.

I offer workshops on site as well as online (using Miro).

° Business intelligence

With over 20 years of experience in the BI industry, I can conduct pre-studies to ensure that you will have a clear and efficient process to fulfill your BI strategy.

Additionally, I can offer QlikSense or Power BI report development (internally or through my network.)

° Project management

I can be your dedicated partner throughout the entire project lifecycle. I use a mixture of traditional and agile project methods. 

My expertise lies both in planning, executing, and monitoring projects as well as managing the technical team as scrum master. For me engagement and communication is key to ensure project success. 


ZANconcept AB supports companies in digitalizing their way of working, giving them a smooth journey from planning to implementation, so the company ends up with an optimized and user focused solution. My expertise lies in bridging the gap between business and technology, ensuring that the business's requirements are effectively captured and understood by technical teams and developers.

With more than 15 years of experience in technical implementation and integration projects for companies in various industries, both in Sweden and globally, I can support or lead your digitalization projects.

° Zaida Andersson

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Keep it simple and involve the users.

Wherever I started working, no matter what I was hired to do,  I always ended up implementing digital solutions with the thought "There must be a better way to..." .

In the beginning, it was mainly Business Intelligence (Qlik), intranets, and LMS systems. Later, I became more User process-oriented and entered the Microsoft world with Dynamics 365 and Power BI, working on both processes and development.

One thing that has always been important to me and has contributed to my success, is my commitment to the business approach. No technical implementation will be successful without involving the users. This principle forms the foundation of all my work: Keep it simple, involve the users and spice it up with some common sense.


Her are some reference projects from my professional career.

Business Analysis/Requirement gathering project – Global manufacturing company in the rubber industry. 

*Focused on transferring and enhancing the company’s Qlik environment to Power BI. Conducted process workshops with departments, interviewed management, mapped data sources, gathered requirements, etc. Bridged the gap between the business and their internal development team.

Business Process Architect/Project Manager/WoW facilitator – European distributor in the food industry   

*The project goal was to digitalize the company's processes using MS Dynamics 365. My assignment included project management, facilitating Way of Working (WoW) workshops for each department, requirement gathering, and change management. Sales and logistics departments were finalized.

Business Analysis/Process mapping/Requirement/Implementation project – Global manufacturing company in the elevator industry   

*The project objective was to align the sales department's way of working in different countries and implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) to support the aligned process. My responsibilities included managing the project, facilitating WoW workshops, documenting requirements, leading the agile development project, testing, and validating processes and system setup. User training was also part of my delivery, and change management was integrated into every step of the project to ensure high user adoption.

Business Analysis/Process mapping /Implementation project – Global manufacturing company in the ventilation industry   

*The project goal was to implement MS Dynamics 365 (CRM) for all regions. I joined the project as a Project Manager, Requirement Specialist, Business Process Architect, and System Administrator after the first phase was implemented in Sweden. I continued the project, adding the EMEA region.



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